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About us


We have been creating pieces that express feelings and capture special memories for a lifetime for ten years. In our commitment to excellence, we make genuine handcrafted pieces that stand out for their quality and versatile design, carefully made with high-quality materials and with textures of bold and sensual colors that give them a special character and personality. Our passion and dedication make each creation a work of art that will be part of your story and will adapt to your style on multiple occasions.


We have a firm commitment to our planet, which is why we are committed to sustainable fashion and responsible consumption through timeless and limited collections. We create luxury pieces with natural and exotic materials whose beauty intensifies over time. Its versatile design means it can be worn on any occasion. These pieces are handcrafted by expert artisans who make each creation something unique and lasting for the appreciation and enjoyment of generations.

In our conviction, authentic luxury is found in pieces created with love and social responsibility.


Paola Valencia, designer and creator MASHERA-WOMO, is passionate about fashion, design and art. Her curiosity and love for history have led her to explore the world, thus nourishing her creations. Her source of inspiration is her native Colombia, with its geographical and cultural richness, vibrant folklore, the joy of its people, and the brave and powerful spirit of its women. This reflects the unique exoticism in his creations, manifesting through a varied combination of textures, designs and colors that represent an exclusive, authentic and natural way of living life.


We want to strengthen inclusion, cultural identity and authenticity, by promoting the craftsmanship of diverse communities in our creations. Expert artisans in (Ubrique, Spain) handcraft our leather goods, transmitting their ancestral legacy in this art. We complement our creations in collaboration with indigenous communities in Colombia, creating unique and special hand-woven pieces that reflect how indigenous craftsmanship transcends its cultural roots to become an appreciated part of fashion.