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MASHERA emerges as a sustainable fashion concept. We create high-quality leather goods, bags and accessories with a versatile and innovative design. We work with expert artisans, with environmental commitment in each of the processes, putting passion and dedication so that each creation is a true work of art.

Paola Valencia

Designer and creator

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WOMO is our men's line of luxury leather goods accessories with a functional design that will adapt to your style giving you a touch of class.

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Art in Leather Goods

We create high-quality leather goods accessories, handcrafted by artisans in Ubrique Spain who have transmitted their legacy in this art for more than a century.

Ancestral Communities

We want to strengthen inclusion, cultural identity and authenticity, promoting artisans in indigenous communities in Colombia, who with love and authenticity give life to each creation.


We have a responsibility to the planet, that is why our collections are timeless and limited, with environmental commitment in each of our processes that guarantees a sustainable future.

True luxury is in responsible consumption, that is why we put passion and dedication in every detail, making each piece unique and durable, leaving its mark for generations to appreciate and enjoy.