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Our history

This story had its beginnings on a trip to Paris, where Paola, its creator, glimpsed the opportunity to give life to an avant-garde fashion concept. Upon returning to his native country, Colombia, she materialized her vision in the creation of MASHERA.

In the last decade, MASHERA has dedicated itself to the development of a sustainable fashion model, making high-quality garments, bags and leather goods accessories with a versatile and innovative design. Each creation is handmade by artisans in Ubrique, Spain, who transmit their legacy in this ancient art, using skins certified under current environmental regulations (CITES), thus guaranteeing the preservation of fauna.

The commitment to quality is reinforced by complementing your creations with the collaboration of various artisans in Colombia, a social work that strengthens inclusion, cultural identity and authenticity, by promoting the artisan work of various indigenous communities in Colombia, creating unique pieces and special ones woven by hand, with originality and quality in the elaboration, making them unique and special, thus reflecting how indigenous craftsmanship transcends its cultural roots to become an appreciated part of fashion.

Through Procolombia, MASHERA has expanded its presence by exporting to various countries in the European Union and the United States, actively participating in renowned international fairs such as MIAMI FASHION WEEK (USA), LYNN UNIVERSITY (Florida), MOMAD (Madrid-Spain). ), MAGNOLIA SHOW ROOM (Madrid-Spain) and FASHION INDUSTRY (St. Petersburg - Russia).

In 2018, MASHERA decided to enter the men's market, betting on WOMO: a line carefully designed to satisfy the needs of contemporary men with elegance and functionality.

Each WOMO creation, like MASHERA, is unique, reflecting the dedication to quality and authenticity in every detail.